They helped keep the Cold War cool...
Welcome to the USMLM Photo Gallery of Member DAVID PERK
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These are the Muscle Cars I remember. What a joy to drive (fast through muddy Soviet Training Areas) perk14.jpg On tour with Maj. Brosnahan outside the city of Bautzen perk3.jpg Social affair at Potsdam House with both CINC's in attendance perk5.jpg Street view in Potsdam perk8.jpg perk9.jpg Rock Garden at Potsdam House Artsy shot Am Lenitzee perk12.jpg perk13.jpg perk15.jpg perk16.jpg perk17.jpg perk18.jpg perk19.jpg Room mate Rich Thurlow at our Berlin Apartment with an old flame We had a killer sound system in the day Grounds of West Berlin HQ Another view of Berlin HQ Good Friend Robert Thern somewhere in Berlin. He worked for ASA near Gross Gusborn in the West. We travelled from Augsburg to Greece on 10 speeds after ETS'ing Chandalier in Great Room at Potsdam House Wir fahren auf der Autobahn Deep in the East German woods Der Zwinger in Dresden Downtown Leipzig Bridge near Meissen Another view from Meissen perk32.jpg Dresden Opera House perk34.jpg Statue of Martin Luther My tragic accident in West Germany. Should have died in this one. perk37.jpg Another view of my Triumph GT6 Plus (minus a few important parts) perk40.jpg The old Rathaus in Leipzig Wanna buy a Trabbie? At the Thomaskirche in Leipzig, where Bach is buried. Sgt Lungdren by the statue Helga and myself in the kitchen. I always had a crush on her, but Army regs kept us apart. Beautiful Helga somewhere in Spain perk45.jpg perk46.jpg perk47.jpg perk48.jpg perk49.jpg perk50.jpg perk51.jpg perk53.jpg perk54.jpg perk55.jpg perk56.jpg perk57.jpg perk58.jpg perk59.jpg perk60.jpg Time to break out the Dead Man. Stuck in the muck. Not a good day... Inside a church in Leipzig perk64.jpg perk65.jpg Captain Troyan doing his morning workout perk67.jpg perk68.jpg perk52.jpg Coming home from a tour (Potsdam)